Robert Cole, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, University of Rochester
President, Fireproof Children Company

Dr. Cole is a nationally respected authority on fire safety education. He was the director of the research team that designed and conducted a series of major studies about children and fire, sponsored by New York State. These studies led to the creation of a model juvenile firesetting program, the City of Rochester (NY) Fire Related Youth Program.

This groundbreaking research appears in two technical reports published by New York State, Children and Fire and Juvenile Firesetter Intervention. Papers describing the research have been presented before meetings of the American Psychological Association (1984) and the Society for Research in Child Development (1990) and have appeared in the Journal of Clinical Child Psychology (1990) and the Handbook of Prescriptive Treatments for Children and Adolescents (1993).

Dr. Cole is the co -author of You Can Prevent A Child's First Fire published by Firehouse magazine in 2001, Do We Really Understand "Curiosity" Fire? published by Firehouse magazine in 2002, Fire Safety: Early Lessons Save Young Lives published by in 2002 and Children and Families in 2002.

Dr. Cole participated in the development of the play safe! be safe!® preschool fire safety training program. In 1997, play safe! be safe! received the Best Curriculum Award from Early Childhood News, a publication of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. In that same year, Fireproof Children received the Rolf H. Jensen Partners in Public Education Award from the National Fire Protection Association.

In 1999, Dr. Cole and Fireproof Children were awarded a grant from the NASFM and Delinquency Prevention to study the home factors associated with children's fireplay and firesetting.

Dr. Cole is president of Fireproof Children, a company formed in 1988 to provide consultation and training to organizations working to discourage children's fireplay and firesetting. The company has published the Fireproof Children Education Kit (1990) to teach elementary school-aged children fire safety, the Firefighter's Complete Juvenile Firesetter Handbook (1998) and the Juvenile Firesetter Video Guide to Intervention & Prevention (2000), resources for developing intervention programs.

Dr. Cole received his graduate training in psychology at Cornell University. He has been a member of the faculty of the University of Rochester since 1976.

"I really enjoyed the program - lots of information and wonderful ideas to do in my preschool class as well as in my own home with my own children."
DeAnna, preschool teacher, Colorado Springs, CO
"The program and workshop teach a friendly approach that is understandable to young children. Being provided the proper tools needed to teach the children is a huge bonus."
Patti, daycare provider, Boise, ID

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